Time for an Upgrade

A lot has changed since 1986. Cars. Clothing. Phones. But not Georgia’s school funding system. That’s right. The formula and system that dictates how Georgia’s 1.8 million public school students receive funding has remained largely unchanged for the last 30 years! Can you imagine if you had to live in today’s world with the tools and technology of the 1980s? It’s time for Georgia to upgrade education with Student Based Funding.

Current: Education Funding from the 1980s

Quality Based Education Funding

1980sToNow.006Georgia’s current funding system, Quality Based Education (QBE) is school- or program-based, meaning funding follows programs, classes or staff positions – not students. This makes it is difficult to know if students are truly getting the services they need for academic success.



QBE is so complicated that only a few experts can make sense of it. In fact, the Georgia Department of Education’s own website sends you to ‘Financing Georgia’s Schools: A Primer’ – a 54 page document last updated in 2003 – to learn about the current funding system.


1980sToNow.001Districts receive money based on specific academic programs using a model designed 30 years ago. Money cannot be moved around to provide services based on student needs.

Limited and Antiquated

1980sToNow.002Teachers who have advanced degrees and have worked more years are paid more, despite evidence that neither of these factors significantly impacts student achievement.

Upgraded: 21st Century Funding

Student Based Funding

1980sToNow.008Student-based funding is balanced, transparent, efficient, effective and flexible because the money is based on students and what they need to be successful. Districts receive a base funding amount for all students with additional funds provided for students who require more educational services than others to be successful, such as disabled or economically disadvantaged students.

Easy to Understand

1980sToNow.010A simple, transparent formula clearly shows the amount of funding that students receive, as well as the reasons why.


1980sToNow.011Districts receive actual dollars and can choose how best to allocate them to design instruction that meets the needs of students in the 21st century.

. .
Modern and Results-Based

Proffesional DSLR camera isolated on white backgroundDistricts choose how to structure teacher compensation and are able to reward the best teachers for helping Georgia students achieve.

GET INVOLVED! The Education Reform Commission, appointed by Governor Nathan Deal, has recommended changing Georgia’s school funding system from a program-based to student-based system. Make your voice heard at the next commission meeting.

The following organizations are working to make Student Based Funding a reality in Georgia

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